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Marion Gluck Clinic, the home of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

We are the Marion Gluck Clinic, the country’s leading Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) clinic. Not only were we the first clinic of our kind in the UK, we were pioneers in using bioidentical hormones to help men and women regain control of their hormonal health.

What also sets us apart from other hormone clinics? It’s our multidisciplinary team of hormone specialists.

While all of our doctors are experts in the use of bioidentical hormones and treat a wide range of hormonal problems, each doctor at our clinic also has a particular specialism within the field of hormonal health. Having such wide-ranging expertise on hand allows us to take a holistic approach on a patient-by-patient basis, where everyone who is treated at our clinic is provided with a bespoke treatment plan. This ensures every patient gets the exact care required to get to the root cause of their condition.

In this blog we will look at each of the major hormonal issues we treat at the Marion Gluck Clinic, highlighting which of our doctors can assist you if you are struggling with a specific hormonal imbalance.


Why We Take an Integrative Approach to Hormones


When it comes to a hormone imbalance, it’s not always a case of simply swallowing a pill or using a cream and an imbalance has been cured. Hormones are complex, and so, for treatment to be effective, you need to first consider everything, where all aspects of an individual’s health are considered. It’s this integrative approach to hormonal health that we pride ourselves on at the Marion Gluck Clinic.

But what does this actually mean?

If you come to us, as you’re experiencing issues with your health that you believe are hormone related, we will first take an in-depth look at your physical and mental wellbeing. Conducted by the appropriate doctor, this will include a look at your lifestyle and any other factors that may be contributing to an imbalance. Then, we will provide you with the necessary tests to identify the root cause of the problem.

Stress, anxiety, poor gut health… There are a wide range of complex issues that can contribute to hormone imbalance. An integrative approach considers all of these, ensuring the treatment plan you are prescribed is bespoke to you. 


A Multidisciplinary Team of Doctors


In order to provide this integrative, holistic approach to treating hormonal imbalances, at the Marion Gluck Clinic we have a team of doctors who all treat a wide range of hormonal problems, but also have particular specialisms where they are leaders in their field. 

Listed are the different areas we treat and the doctors that specialise in them:   


  • Women’s Reproductive Health 

From our inception, we have been dedicated to empowering women to take control of their hormonal health. Women’s health, particularly reproductive health, is an often under researched and overlooked issue within healthcare but we are committed to changing that narrative. 

Our clinic provides comprehensive support for conditions affecting women’s reproductive health and fertility. Whether you are trying to conceive, or managing issues such as PMS, PCOS and endometriosis, we offer a personal and highly specialist approach. 

Our treatments include BHRT, personalised lifestyle adjustments, and other therapies designed to effectively manage symptoms and empower patients. Dr. Melina Stasinou is one of our Women’s health specialists with a background in reproductive health, bringing extensive expertise to guide women through their reproductive and fertility journey.


  • Perimenopause and Menopause

As women approach menopause, they experience significant hormonal changes that can have a big impact on their quality of life. 

All of our doctors provide personalised treatment plans to help manage menopause symptoms, making the transition a lot smoother and more manageable. Dr Sarah Cadwallader is one such doctor who has a wealth of experience treating hormonal imbalances for women going through perimenopause and menopause, bringing compassion and empathy to her approach. 


  • Men’s Hormone Health

Recently, we’ve seen an increase in the number of men seeking treatment for hormonal imbalances. For many men, discussing hormonal health is not easy, but it’s important to recognise that men can experience similar issues to women. 

When men enter a certain age, their hormones begin to decline. This is known as andropause, when testosterone levels start to drop off,  this can lead to symptoms like low libido, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

But low testosterone can affect men of any age, so it’s crucial to seek treatment if you suspect you have low testosterone levels. Our male hormone specialist, Dr. Edward Rainbow, focuses on the mental health aspects of testosterone deficiencies and works with men to master both their mental health and hormones.


  • Endocrinology 

Endocrinology focuses on the endocrine system and related hormone disorders, such as thyroid and adrenal dysfunction. The thyroid is vital for regulating hormones, including cortisol, insulin, oestrogen, and testosterone. If your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, it directly impacts your hormones and overall well-being. 

Similarly, adrenal dysfunction, or adrenal fatigue as it is also known can be caused by stress, inadequate sleep, and other lifestyle factors. This is another area we address, with both Dr Monica Lascar and Dr. Ghazala Aziz-Scott being two of our resident endocrinology experts. 


  • Lifestyle Medicine

At the Marion Gluck Clinic, a consideration of ‘lifestyle medicine’ is an important part of our approach. This involves an optimisation of health through sustainable changes in diet, exercise, stress management, sleep patterns, and other daily habits.

All of our doctors are well-versed in this approach but Dr. Jennifer Singh is our lifestyle medicine specialist. She works closely with patients to develop personalised strategies that support hormonal balance and overall well-being. 


  • Functional Medicine

Functional medicine, similar to lifestyle medicine, examines lifestyle factors affecting your hormones but provides a more comprehensive approach to chronic and complex health and hormonal conditions. It focuses on precise, personalised treatment addressing your gut health, lifestyle, and environmental factors. 

Our functional medicine specialists include Dr. Haleema Sheikh, Dr. Shashi Prasad, and Dr. Ghazala Aziz-Scott, who all take an integrative approach to hormonal health to help patients understand their symptoms and the best ways to address them.

So, if you suspect that you may be experiencing a hormonal imbalance and would like to speak to one of our specialist doctors then book a consultation now and start your journey to a happier, healthier you.



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