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We’ve collated a few Marion Gluck Clinic reviews below. We wanted to share with you some of the kind words our patients have had to say about their experience at the clinic.

“After starting the bioidentical hormones I have been amazed at how I feel like me again. My family have commented on how much happier and calm I am and friends have been really kind about how well I look.”
Juliet (Google)
“Lifechanging! My doctor is amazing! I am glad that I am still able to continue my treatment throughout the past 2 years, which has been turbulent to say the least. Everything is online now - so its even easier for me to book my appointment and get my prescriptions. They just keep improving. Thank god I found this clinic.”
N Banks (Google)
“The online clinic works perfectly well, and I didn’t have to travel in order to be treated. I highly recommend the doctors and the patient care team at the clinic. The process was perfectly easy and very well communicated. I could have my blood taken close to home. The treatments prescribed are perfect in relieving my symptoms, I could not recommend more the clinic, the pharmacy, the staff and the doctors.”
Francesca (Google)
“My experience with the MG Clinic has been amazing, so far! The Doctors are real experts and they assess the full picture of the condition of patients before prescribing a treatment. Blood tests are not the only information they use to prescribe medications, but they go deep to understand levels of stress, lifestyle, psychological status, nutritional habits - so they can help patients targeting the real problems generating hormone imbalances and discomfort. The potential treatments are transparently explained and discussed with the patient, with very clear explanations of hypothesis, cause and positive effects the treatments should achieve. This is very reassuring. I could not be happier with the professionalism, availability and kindness demonstrated by all staff. I come from a bad experience with another clinic and a doctor who gave me the wrong treatment and made my life miserable for months. I can now spot the difference and wholeheartedly recommend the Marion Gluck Clinic to any woman who needs to overcome hormonal problems.”
Maryka (Google)
“So happy with the treatment and care I received at the clinic. From the first consultation, to the ease (MUCH easier than expected) of having a blood test done at Superdrug, to the monitoring during the treatment itself, I always felt looked after. I will always recommend the Marion Gluck Clinic to friends now!”
Xena (Google)
“This clinic is a lifesaver! The staff are really helpful and very informative. Nowadays they have online booking as well, which makes it a lot easier to see my doctor's availability and book myself in even after work hours - its as easy as 123. My doctor is really great, and I can't stop raving about her to all my friends. Her secretary is also very helpful too. After my recent video consultation, I receive all the information from her that I need which made it easier to organise the tests that the doctor asked according to my schedule. All I can say is please continue doing what you do, providing us women with all the support that we need to get to our next stage of life.”
PB (Google)
"I had a telephone consultation with Dr. Asha at The Marion Gluck clinic and she prescribed the Proradiance Estri Cream for me. I'm absolutely delighted with it. My daughter recently said to me, 'Mom, I don't know what that stuff is that you're putting on your face, but you're aging in reverse.' Now that's a result!! Dr. Asha herself, was also really lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed our consultation and felt that she listened very carefully to me and took on board my personal skin problems and priorities. I wish I'd heard of this clinic years ago, I'm glowing!"
Judy (Google)



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