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During the course of your treatment at the Marion Gluck Clinic, you will be required to undergo blood tests. Blood tests are an essential part of what enables the Marion Gluck Clinic to provide you with the gold standard treatment that you have come to know and expect.

The results allow our doctors to:

  • Get an in-depth analysis of your hormones.
  • Ensure an accurate diagnosis.
  • Monitor hormone levels so that we can ensure the amount in your body are not higher than what is physiologically appropriate.
  • Enable both you and your doctor to know that the prescribed treatment is working as effectively.
  • Understand if any changes to your medication are required.
  • Ensure you are getting the very best care from the Marion Gluck Clinic.
  • Monitor your safety – some female cancers (e.g. breast, ovarian, endometrial) can be linked to estrogens and some male cancers (e.g. testicular) can be linked to testosterone. These cancers can occur regardless of whether or not you supplement with additional hormones. However, as hormones can act as growth factors, we are cautious in their use and carefully monitor all our patients for peace of mind.

Your doctor will advise you of which tests you need based on your individual situation.

Unfortunately blood tests from GPs do not include all the biomarkers we require for your personalised treatment. Our blood tests are much more comprehensive than those available from your GP and other providers. The more detailed your blood tests, the more accurately you can be diagnosed, ensuring you are on the correct treatment plan for your individual needs.

Please note: We will only be able to accept blood test results from your GP or a different clinic if you are unable to access our pathology locations. There is a £50 surcharge for this due to additional administration and doctor time.


Find A Blood Test Service Centre

The Marion Gluck Clinic now has access to phlebotomy services across the UK.

Our blood test service centre finder allows you to locate your nearest Superdrug clinic or The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) for a blood draw (venipuncture) service. In order to book your appointment, please call the Patient Care Team for more information on 020 7191 2378.

Please type in your city or postcode below to find the blood test service closest to you.


      Types Of Blood Tests

      Female Hormone Profile

      Male Hormone Profile

      Thyroid Profile

      Female Hormone

      Male Hormone Profile

      Thyroid Profile


      Everything You Need To Know About Blood Tests

      We require every new patient to have a blood test. After this, you will require a blood test every 12 months unless there are concerns/symptoms. Your doctor may require blood tests more frequently in the early stages if treatment is being adjusted.

      For patients on thyroid medication, if your hormone levels are stable a blood test will be required every 12 months. If hormone levels are not stable, this will be required every 6 months.

      For women:

      Regular cycle (Roughly 28-day): Around day 21
      Irregular cycle: Any time in the second half of your cycle (after ovulation)
      No cycle: Anytime

      For men: Early in the morning before 11am.

      Please note that if you are taking any form or hormone therapy (HRT or BHRT) your blood test will need to be carried out exactly 4-6 (ideally 5) hours after taking your medication. This is to ensure we can accurately measure your absorption levels. Please adjust the time you take your medication on the day of your appointment to suit this time frame. For example, if you apply your cream at 8am, your blood test will need to be carried out between 12-2pm.

      The Marion Gluck Clinic now has access to phlebotomy services across the UK. If you have ordered your blood test kit, you will be able to take it with you to a range of locations. You can find more details of the available locations for blood tests here.

      Your blood test results are automatically uploaded and ready to be seen by your Marion Gluck Clinic doctor, so there’s nothing needed from you once you’ve had your blood test.

      We explain how to understand your blood test results below:

      You can find details of the prices of blood tests on our Pricing page.

      Blood test results are returned to the Marion Gluck Clinic electronically and should be available 7-10 days after taken. Your doctor will go over your results with you in either your follow-up or review appointment.

      The Patient Care Team can provide you with a copy of your results.




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