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Repeat Prescription Service

The Repeat Prescription Service is for existing Marion Gluck Clinic patients who require a repeat prescription in order to continue their current treatment. Eligibility criteria apply.



The service costs £40 of which includes a review by a Marion Gluck clinician.


How It Works

Answer a few short questions to help us understand how your treatment is going

An MGC clinician will review your answers and assess whether it’s safe to continue your treatment

If everything looks good, you’ll receive a new prescription to last you until your next doctor review


Am I Eligible?

The Repeat Prescription Service is available to patients who:

  • Have seen a Marion Gluck Clinic doctor in the last 12 months
  • Do not wish to change or discuss their current treatment


Do You Have A Question?

In order to be eligible for a prescription refill, you must have seen a Marion Gluck Clinic doctor in the last 12 months. Please note that this service does not replace your appointment with one of our doctors.

The cost of this service is £40. Payment will be taken at the end of the questionnaire if it has been successfully completed. The cost includes a review by a Marion Gluck clinician.

*Please note the price does not include the cost of your medicine.

No, the price covers an online assessment by a Marion Gluck Clinic prescriber and the issuing of a new prescription for your current treatment. You must still order your medication from Specialist Pharmacy as usual.

Before you start the questionnaire, please check that you fit the criteria for a prescription refill. The questionnaire will ask you about any changes you may have experienced including new symptoms, new diagnoses received and any new medications you have begun taking. One of our clinicians will review your responses and determine if you are eligible for a prescription.

You will receive a confirmation email once you complete the questionnaire. Following this, depending on your eligibility you will receive another email stating whether a prescription has been written for you. At every step of the way, guidance will be provided if you are not eligible for a refill!

Once you submit the questionnaire, you should receive an email within 7 days stating whether your request for a prescription was accepted or rejected. You will then receive an email/SMS from the Specialist Pharmacy up to 48 hours later once your prescription is ready to be filled.

If the prescribing clinician concludes that you should not continue your treatment until you have spoken to your doctor, you will be issued a refund.

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