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COVID-19 update

We would like to reassure you that with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to ensure all your medical needs are cared for. For your safety, all consultations for the foreseeable future will be conducted over telephone or video, and blood testing will be available in the form of finger-prick tests. The COVID-19 virus impacts all of us, and we have structured our services to be with you at every stage of your treatment plan.

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All About Hormones

Understanding your hormonal health begins with a knowledge of the different hormones in your body. There are a number of key hormones to take into consideration, which work in unison to create a fully balanced hormonal profile. If one or more of these hormones become unbalanced it can lead to a variety of symptoms and conditions, which may then need to be addressed using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.


Estrogens are responsible for many of your body’s functions, regulating a woman’s journey through puberty, fertility and menopause.

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Testosterone is a sex hormone and an anabolic steroid, and although it is typically considered to be a male hormone, it is also essential for healthy hormone balance in women.

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Progesterone is a hormone produced in women during the second half/luteal phase of the menstrual cycle and also by the placenta during pregnancy.

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DHEA is the most abundant steroid hormone in your body and is produced by the adrenals glands, with the ovaries and testes producing smaller amounts. It is a major precursor to stronger androgens such as testosterone and androstenedione and the female hormone estrogen.

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