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Functional Medicine Pricing

Our functional medicine consultation service addresses complex and chronic women’s health issues across multiple systems including hormonal and gut health.

To see prices for our BHRT related services, please refer to BHRT pricing.

Initial Appointment Cost: £450 (excluding blood and other tests)
Duration: 75 minutes

Consultation Options: Telephone consultation, Video consultation, Face to face consultation

A 75 minute consultation including a review of pre-consultation paperwork such as intake forms and previous results and medical letters. Consultation will involve a detailed evaluation of your history , assessment of the key issues and a discussion of what functional testing will help with precise diagnosis. You will receive a written report detailing the initial consultation.


First Follow Up Appointment Cost: £320
Duration: 60 minutes

A 60 minute consultation including an evaluation of all functional medicine testing carried out as relating to the initial consultation, and a discussion about treatment options and possible referrals as part of a multidisciplinary team – we work closely with 2 excellent nutritional therapists. We will formulate a personalised treatment plan unique to you.

Second Follow Up Appointment Cost: £250
Duration: 45 minutes

A 45 minute consultation to review how you are getting on your treatment and to review any lifestyle changes.

Third Follow Up Appointment Cost: £160
Duration: 30 minutes

A 30 minute consultation as needed to restore health

What can I expect?

Our functional medicine consultations provide an even more comprehensive option for patients. This service addresses complex and chronic women’s health issues across multiple systems including hormonal and gut health and looks for the root causes of problems and imbalances.

Treatment may use several modalities including BHRT, both sex hormones and thyroid hormones, health coaching, nutritional therapy and conventional medicine in a multidisciplinary and integrated way.

Start with making an initial enquiry here and if we are able to help you, we will send you some essential questionnaires. Your consultation summaries and personalised treatment plan will be sent to you and our admin team will assist with booking all your tests. Follow up is 4 to 6 weeks after testing.

  • Payment: We require payment at the time of booking to secure your consultation.
  • Diagnostic tests: You will be advised of any testing which may be required for your consultation. These are charged post consultation.
  • Cancellation policy: Please note we have a 2 working day cancellation policy.



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