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The Marion Gluck Clinic – What Sets Us Apart From Other Clinics

Dr Ghazala and Dr Monica from the Marion Gluck Clinic

Several years ago, many people hadn’t even heard of bioidentical hormones as an alternative to traditional hormone treatments. But now, as more people are experiencing the amazing results that can be achieved through Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) it has become an increasingly popular treatment option. This is reflected in the number of new BHRT clinics that have opened their doors, and existing clinics that have added it to their service offering in recent years.   

It’s fantastic to see the rise in popularity of BHRT, and see it improve the hormonal health of an increasing number of men and women. However, the growing number of clinics that offer it means it is difficult to know who to go with for your treatment, especially if you don’t necessarily know what BHRT is and how the quality of the treatment can vary from clinic to clinic. 

At the Marion Gluck Clinic we are both pioneering and world leading in the application of bioidentical hormone therapies. Our founder, Dr Marion Gluck, was one of the first doctors to use bioidentical hormones to treat hormonal imbalances, and when she founded our clinic in 2007 it was the first of its kind in the UK. Since our inception we have provided bespoke hormone treatments to tens of thousands of patients, helping them to regain control of their lives and feel at their best. In this article we will explain what sets us apart from other BHRT clinics and makes us the UK’s leading bioidentical hormone clinic.  


What is BHRT and How Can It Help Rebalance Your Hormones? 


Firstly, it’s important to explain what Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is. 

BHRT works in a similar way to other types of hormonal replacement therapies in that they replenish the hormones in your body. But what makes bioidentical hormones different is what they are made from. 

Derived from Mexican yams, the hormones used in our BHRT have the same chemical structure as the hormones found in your body. Traditional HRT on the other hand, uses synthetic ingredients. It’s this natural mirroring of the hormones in your body that makes BHRT such a popular choice with patients looking for HRT alternatives. BHRT can be used to treat a wide range of hormonal conditions in both women and men including menopause, perimenopause, depression, andropause and more. 


Setting the Standard in BHRT 


At Marion Gluck our experience and knowledge, coupled with our unmatched pharmaceutical practice and cooperation with formulation experts, is what has made us the leaders in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We work with the UK’s leading compound pharmacy to develop a tailored treatment plan for each of our individual patients. Our products are created by pharmaceutical formulation experts to ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of our products.

We use only the best raw ingredients that are produced, tested, and reviewed in GMP compliant facilities. This stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and is a system that ensures that products are created according to strict quality standards. 

Our BHRT is also made in accordance with the latest editions of the worldwide pharmacopoeias, which set the standards, specifications and quality control of pharmaceutical drugs across the world. 


“We are the only bioidentical hormone clinic in the UK that can guarantee the highest standard of quality in the medications that we prescribe thanks to the utilisation of exclusive raw materials whose quality is in accordance with the latest editions of worldwide pharmacopoeias and are produced, tested, and reviewed in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant factories” 

Lorenza Brescia – Director


Our BHRT comes in different forms, from topical creams and gels that you rub into your skin, to lozenges that you take orally. But no matter the form you take you can be assured that your hormones are the highest quality on the market. 


The Marion Gluck Protocols 


Since our inception, we have applied a unique form of treatment called ‘the Marion Gluck protocols’. Unlike other clinics that will only look only at your hormone levels, we take a holistic approach to hormonal health. One that looks at you as an individual and looks at all other factors when helping you achieve optimal emotional and physical health.

Healthcare isn’t merely about treating symptoms but understanding the root cause of health issues and how they interconnect across various bodily systems. Unbalanced hormones affect both physical health and mental wellbeing, creating a vicious cycle that we aim to break.

That’s why we take an integrative approach to healthcare with our individualised bioidentical hormone treatment plans and functional medicine approach that allows our patients to take control of their health and happiness on their terms. 


A Personalised Approach


When it comes to hormonal health everyone is unique and has their own pathway. At Marion Gluck we take the time to understand you as a person, your symptoms, your concerns and your story. We aren’t here to just dispense hormone treatments, but help you take back control of your health. 

What will work for one person may not work for another. That’s why, unlike other hormone clinics who offer a one-size-fits all approach, we provide personalised treatment plans for every patient that comes to the Marion Gluck clinic. And that’s why we are different. 

All our products are made especially for you and your individual symptoms with tailored dosages that are made by a leading compound pharmacy. What makes a compound pharmacy different from a regular pharmacy? It is the fact treatments are custom made, rather than a standardised dose. 


Our Unrivalled Medical Expertise


At Marion Gluck we have a wealth of medical expertise. Our friendly team of doctors are made up of highly-trained hormonal specialists all with years of experience working in the field of hormonal medicine. Each member of the Marion Gluck team also has a special area of focus that they are most passionate about. 

For example, Doctor Edward Rainbow is an expert in men’s mental health, looking to bridge the gap between men’s hormonal imbalances and the impact it has on mental health. Then we have Dr Melina Stasinou,who is an expert in fertility and women’s health, empowering her patients to live happier, healthy lives through bespoke hormonal therapies and holistic lifestyle changes. 


Continuous improvement 


BHRT has helped transform the lives of women and men across the world and we are here to share our knowledge and expertise. We believe in continuous learning to improve our knowledge and those around us. 

It was this idea that led us to create the Marion Gluck Training Academy that allows medical practitioners to become BHRT specialists themselves and be able to diagnose and treat hormonal imbalances in their patients. 


Do the symptoms you are experiencing suggest you may be suffering from a hormone imbalance? Want to know more about bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and how it could help you? Book a consultation at the UK’s top BHRT clinic today and enjoy an unmatched level of care.



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