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Dr Shashi Prasad

Dr Shashi is a very experienced GP, BMS accredited Advanced Menopause Specialist and Board- Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician.

She has worked in the NHS and privately for many years providing a high standard of care to her patients. During her work as a GP, she noted a huge unmet need for good quality menopause care. This motivated her to start her journey as a menopause specialist and complete her training from King’s College Hospital, one of the leading menopause centres in the UK.

Fascinated by natural bio-identical hormones, she trained in BHRT and Thyroid Disorders from the leading Marion Gluck Training Academy, and managing hormonal dysregulation from Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr Shashi is passionate about women’s midlife health and supports approaching midlife with a positive attitude and improved fitness. She practices the principles of Lifestyle Medicine which promotes wellness and longevity through lifestyle modifications.

Often symptoms can be complex and inter-related, with an interplay between genetics, biochemical and lifestyle factors. Functional medicine provides the tools to help understand the symptoms, their root cause and develop an individualised treatment plan. Dr Shashi has always been drawn towards it and is pursuing functional medicine training from Institute of Functional Medicine.

With experience in using both regulated and compounded HRT, Dr Shashi will help you make a customised treatment plan, helping to balance your hormones and make you feel like your best self. She offers a detailed consultation with a compassionate and caring approach, and you will have the full opportunity to discuss all your symptoms and concerns with her.

She is a Member Royal College of General Practitioners, British Menopause Society, International Menopause Society, British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, and Institute of Functional Medicine.


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