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At the Marion Gluck Clinic we offer a unique programme of tailored care, education and personalised medicine to achieve hormonal balance. Through the world-leading ‘Marion Gluck Way’, our goal is to replenish our patients’ hormones and bring them into optimum balance, health and energy. We offer the following services:

Hormones, produced by the glands that make up our endocrine system, control every function in the body; any imbalance in these can have an impact on virtually every body system and organ. Hormonal imbalances can occur at any stage of life, and with ageing there is an inevitable decline in progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone.

Progesterone: Supports normal periods, improving mood and protecting against the adverse effects of excess oestrogen.

Oestrogen: Supports the female reproductive system, and also protects against osteoporosis, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Testosterone: Both men and women produce and require testosterone, which plays a vital part in overall health and wellbeing and supports the building of strong muscles, bones and ligaments.

Hormones remain important at all ages and are essential for bone density, brain function, vaginal and urethral tissues, skin and the cardiovascular health. Balancing and replenishing these hormones is important for energy, mood and wellbeing.

At the Marion Gluck Clinic, we know that every patient is different and has a unique endocrine system. We therefore start with a comprehensive consultation and appropriate tests, in order to evaluate the full picture. If a hormonal imbalance is diagnosed, a personalised treatment plan of bio-identical hormones is devised specifically for the individual patient.


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