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Supercharge Your Skincare With Personalised Hormone Prescription Face Cream

Skincare should be tailored to the individual. And yet, for many years, consumers have relied on skincare products that are manufactured with a generalised list and dosage of ingredients that may not be effective for their unique skin types. Removing the imprecision and inefficacy of mass-produced skincare products, our prescription face cream instead hones in on your skin’s particular needs.

Our hormone-ceutical face creams are designed around a formulation that is unique to you. This is on top of a combination of well-researched skincare heavyweights, to complement your customised cream formulation and revitalise your skin.

Our founder, Dr Marion Gluck, who has been prescribing personalised hormone creams for 20 years says, “Estrogen has a profound effect on the skin. As we age, the estrogen levels in the body deplete and it’s normal to start noticing sagging skin, dryness and wrinkles. This can really impact on a woman’s confidence. Personalised hormone face creams are an effective way to address these signs of ageing skin. All the ingredients that your skin requires are compiled into one easily accessible face cream that can be applied daily to address your specific skin concerns.”

Dr Valeria Acampora, our specialist in anti-ageing medicine, adds: “These days, social media feeds and magazines are full of skincare advice, from articles citing how drinking plenty of water and eating healthily can help improve your skin, to adverts for over the counter anti-ageing products. Unfortunately, this alone is not effective enough. In order to see any considerable improvement in the appearance of your skin, it is necessary to follow an at-home medical-grade skincare regime which is tailored to your precise needs and incorporates scientifically-proven active ingredients.

“One product and skincare regimen is not suitable for all. Our skin care needs depend on many factors, including age, skin type and colour, lifestyle, alcohol intake, whether you smoke, like to tan, and whether you’re male or female. It’s important to speak to a doctor who has been trained in the skin and can analyse your skin and identify your specific needs.

“Even if you don’t use a prescription face cream as part of your skin care routine, it’s so important to not only wash your face every morning but to gently exfoliate to stimulate renewal of skin cells and control sebum. Oil is the main cause of inflammation and chronic inflammation which makes the skin age. And in the evening, it’s important to wash away the pollutants from the day. If you have any areas of concern, problems, or if skin is very aged, then hormone prescription face cream combined with a customised regime can be very effective.”

How Bioidentical Hormones Supercharge Your Skincare Routine

We all strive for healthy looking skin and expect our skincare products to help us attain those results. With personalised prescription skincare achieved through the use of bioidentical hormones, you can expect a multitude of benefits that may not be obtainable with regular skincare products. These include:

Increased moisture and reduction in wrinkle depth: Nourish your skin with a potent moisture boost and fill out wrinkles and fine lines for a visibly youthful complexion.

Improvement in the skin’s firmness, texture and hydration: See an increase in elasticity and firmness with intense hydration, coupled with a smoother and softer texture.

Anti-inflammatory activity: Balance your tone by reducing redness, blemishes and flare-ups.

Improved wound healing: Reduce recovery time for spots, blemishes and other dermal damage by helping your skin to heal itself.

Improvement in dermal thickness: Skin can become thinner with age. Use your new skincare routine to improve your skin thickness and reduce signs of ageing.

The ability to tailor the entirety of your product: It’s not just the bioidentical hormone formulation which comprises your unique skincare product. Your doctor can also prescribe additional proven active ingredients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, co-enzyme Q10 and hyaluronic acid to tailor your cream even further to your precise needs.

“My patients notice significant improvements in their skin using a personalised regime and products, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t happen overnight.” explains Dr Acampora. “It can take 6 months of following a regime consistently to see results. In some cases I see patients that have very damaged skin, perhaps from acne or hyperpigmentation. Sometimes it is recommended that these patients also have regenerative procedures. Chemical peels, for example, are very effective. Historically known for treating acne scarring, peels cause acute inflammation which triggers the body to renew the skin cells, thereby improving the quality and health of the skin, as well as keeping it looking young.”

Supercharge Your Skincare With Personalised Hormone Prescription Face Cream

Personalised Hormone Face Cream: Your Questions Answered

We’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions below. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Patient Care Team by emailing secretary@mariongluckclinic.com

Many women have come to us with concerns about skin sagginess, wrinkles and dryness. There is a simple explanation for this: Throughout our lives, our hormones fluctuate and cause changes in our skin – some of which are positive and some are negative. You may have already experienced hormonal skin changes, such as acne in your teens, or glowing skin during pregnancy. Decades ago, there was nothing we could do about these fluctuations; however, with today’s understanding of the impact of hormonal changes on the skin, we can create formulas which work with our skin to restore confidence in our appearance.

The hormones in your cream are at a low enough dosage that they will not cause significant systemic absorption. Therefore, it’s likely that your doctor would be able to prescribe this cream for you alongside BHRT. Your doctor will check your medical history to ensure there are no contraindications to this treatment.

As the face creams are bespoke to you, you’ll need a consultation with one of our doctors in order to be prescribed the cream. This will happen either over the phone or via video call and will give you an opportunity to discuss your skin concerns with your doctor so that they can prescribe the most appropriate cream for you. Not only are the hormones tailored to you and your face, but we can add additional ingredients to the cream if desired or if your doctor thinks that these will be beneficial.

The hormone face creams work out at approximately £1 per day, subject to dosage.

For patients new to the Marion Gluck Clinic, a 30 minute skin consultation is required so that your doctor can take your medical history and personal details. This is priced at £140. Further skin hormone treatment consultations will be complimentary and a prescription fee of £30 will be applicable.

A consultation for existing patients of the clinic is complimentary, although a prescription fee of £30 will be charged. If you’re already due a BHRT review, you can discuss the skin creams with your doctor at the same time and it can be added to your BHRT prescriptions with no prescription fee.

The formulation that makes up our compounded base includes: Vitamin A nanoparticles, vitamin E nanoparticles, liposomal vitamin C, hyaluronic acid concentrate and co-enzyme Q10 particles, Aqua, caprylic/capric tryglyceride, pentylene glycol, hydrogenated lecithin, butyrospermum parkii butter, glycerin, and squaline.

The base is free from emulsifiers, preservatives, perfume, mineral oils, silicones and amines, and is organic.

We then take it one step further and personalise with additional ingredients. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Whitening liposomal concentrate – for hyperpigmentation and prevention of pigmented spots.
  • Zinc liposome serum – for blemishes and skin prone to acne. Also supports skin regeneration and boosts enzymes.
  • Boswellia nanoparticles – anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties for barrier-disordered skin.
  • Butcher’s broom serum – stabilises blood vessels and smoothes skin for those with rosacea and skin prone to couperose.
  • Evening primrose oil nanoparticles – prevents moisture loss and increases hydration, plus reinforces skin barrier for dehydrated skin and those with barrier-disordered and atopic skin.

Our personalised hormone face cream is available in 50ml or 30ml tubes, which are ideal for travel. Subject to your treatment plan, your cream should normally be applied morning and night, so on average will last between two to three months.

Vitamin A (retinol) is part of the ingredients in the base of the skin cream and is 2% strength. Your doctor can increase the percentage of Vitamin A in your formulation if they feel it is beneficial to your particular skin concerns.

The percentage of hyaluronic acid in the cream is 2%.

Our hormone face creams are compounded with a hypoallergenic base, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin. One of the benefits of the product being created specifically for you is that we have full control over what goes into it. If you have a sensitivity to any of the ingredients in the cream, you’ll need to let your Marion Gluck Clinic doctor know and they will be able to ensure that these are removed from your prescription.

Yes, the creams are vegan friendly, cruelty free and organic.

Side effects are unlikely, but individual reactions can occur, as with any medicine or face cream. These reactions may manifest as rashes, redness or skin irritation. Please consult your doctor if you experience prolonged side effects with usage.

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