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‘I Suddenly Felt Like Myself Again’

We recently spoke with one of our patients, Marianne, about her experience with menopause, bioidentical hormones and the Marion Gluck Clinic.

Marianne, a General Counsel, and world commuter, experienced anxiety and sleep disruption for several years. She grew up in New Zealand, and then moved to Sydney, London, and finally settled in Amsterdam. Marianne enjoys yoga, the theatre, and the arts.

Throughout the years, the passing of a very young close friend in combination with her mother’s tough experience with menopause encouraged Marianne to take great care of her health.

Marianne explained: “Four years before I turned 50, I was very conscious about needing to get into good shape before I hit menopause, probably because my mother had a very terrible time and it was very difficult for her. I was very aware that I didn’t want that to happen to me.” Marianne took control of her health: “I wanted to be as fit and as healthy as I can be, with a good routine.”

However, her symptoms continued to persist, the sleepless nights and constant anxiety prevented her from being able to be her best self. In 2017, after an honest chat with a close friend, she realised that they were both experiencing symptoms of menopause. Having found the Marion Gluck Clinic, she was faced with a promising way forward.

“What I found really refreshing and exciting about the Marion Gluck Clinic was actually just having a proper conversation around menopause and perimenopause and having a solution.”

Part of the solution was the honesty and motivation to proactively rectify how she was feeling by asking: “How am I going to get help about the fact that I’m not sleeping, tired and anxious and my hair is thinning?”

Being active in one’s health and addressing important issues highlighted the pathway for healing and empowerment. Marianne explained that the benefits she felt were not only from the treatment but also from her journey with the clinic: “I think that what the Marion Gluck Clinic is doing is really very empowering and that whole thing of making that transition through menopause in a way where you come out the other end smoothly is inspirational.”

The most crucial aspect of seeking treatment was proudly accepting and trusting the treatments which led to her stating: “I certainly feel like a wise woman, but when on the treatment, I feel like I can embrace that and it is not a scary thing; I feel very fit and healthy, and I have lost weight. A lot of it started with sleeping well, feeling less anxious, and then I suddenly felt like myself again.”

The empowerment the Marion Gluck Clinic provided helped Marianne become the best version of herself. She feels as though women should actively seek help for their menopause and be proud of their journey. However, she emphasised the importance of finding the right clinic for women.

“I think that finding the right clinic is so important. One of my friends, who is going through menopause and is not sleeping properly, went to see a doctor and he said that it is just menopause and you can’t do anything about it. He also told her that some people don’t feel well and you just might be one of them. I told her that it is not true, and said that there are a lot of things to try. But to say there is nothing you can do is very naïve and unkind.”

All women deserve to feel their best and bioidentical hormone therapy can help achieve that.

The help and support of the Marion Gluck Clinic lead Marianne to finally feel her best. “My doctor at the clinic, Dr McQuade, is such a joy and has made me feel very looked after. And I really like the way that she practices medicine. It has been really great to have her on this journey with me.”

“It has been such a joy and I’m so glad that I started and went to the Marion Gluck Clinic two and a half years ago. It has made such a difference to my life, and continues to help me.”

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