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What blood tests do I need?

When you first meet with your doctor, you will be advised which blood tests you will need to have. The exact tests required will depend on the symptoms that you present with, together with your medical history. If you have made arrangements for blood tests to be done before your initial consultation, we recommend at least the following tests:

Thyroid Profile (TSH, Free T3 and Free T4)

Female Hormone Profile (FSH, Estradiol, Progesterone, Free & Total Testosterone, DHEA-S and Vitamin D) ­

Male Hormone Profile (PSA, Estradiol, Progesterone, Free & Total Testosterone, DHEA-S, SHBG and Vitamin D)

Please note that these are only intended as a guideline and that your doctor may suggest additional blood tests to be carried out after your initial consultation. For all repeat blood tests, we advise for you to always speak with your doctor first. Please refer to previous information about when these will need to be carried out. If you have had these blood tests carried out previously, please bring them along to your appointment.

Can I do the blood tests with my GP?

Yes, you can have blood tests through your GP however please be aware that they may not be able to offer all the specialist tests which we recommend. Please bring any printed results along to your consultation.

How much do the blood tests cost?

Please refer to our price list here for more information about the costs of blood tests.

When do I need a blood test?

Blood tests are usually necessary at the time of your first consultation, or shortly afterwards. For any new patient, we always recommend for you to have a consultation with a doctor first before going ahead with any blood tests.

For women, if you are still experiencing a regular monthly cycle, we suggest for you to schedule your initial consultation around the 21st day of your cycle (where day 1 is the first day of your period) as this is considered the best time to assess your blood hormone levels. If you are no longer experiencing a regular cycle, an appointment can be made for any date. For men, we recommend scheduling your initial consultation early in the morning before 11am, as this is the best time to assess your male hormones. Our doctors are able to carry out the blood tests during the consultation if needed, should they advise for you to have blood tests at an alternative time or date, we can advise about having these carried out via a private laboratory (The Doctors Laboratory) near to our clinic, or alternatively assist you in having these done with your own GP or private facility.

For ongoing treatment and monitoring, our doctors routinely advise for blood tests to be carried out on an annual basis to ensure that your treatment is still suitable to your specific needs. Additionally, blood tests may be required when there is change to your symptoms.

When/how do I get my results?

Blood test results are returned to the Marion Gluck Clinic electronically, please ask your doctor or a member of the Patient Care Team for a copy of the results to be printed or sent to you. For more information about how to read your blood test results click here.

Do you do saliva tests?

Saliva testing does not form part of the initial hormone investigation here at the Marion Gluck Clinic, however saliva tests may be requested and organised by your doctor if necessary.

Do you offer mammograms?

Unfortunately, we do not offer mammograms here at the Marion Gluck Clinic. Should your doctor feel it necessary for you to have a mammogram, they will organise a referral to a clinic with breast assessment facilities.

Do you offer pelvic ultrasound scans?

Yes, we are able to carry out pelvic ultrasound scan in clinic. Should you wish to schedule an appointment for a scan or would like some further information, please ask a member of the Patient Care Team.

Are there any other tests that I may be advised to have during or following my appointment?

As each person will vary in the symptoms they are experiencing and with what treatment is required to suit their specific needs, alongside hormone blood tests the doctor may recommend relevant functional medicine tests where there is a need to explore symptoms even further.


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