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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

If I decide to start bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, how long will I be on it for?
The duration of treatment is highly individual and dependent on your personal situation. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your needs in consultation with your doctor.

Will bioidentical hormone replacement therapy help my particular symptoms?
Bioidentical hormones are frequently effective in resolving and reducing symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances.

During your first consultation, there will be a thorough evaluation of your history, symptoms and lifestyle, and a series of tests will be recommended. When the results are available, your doctor will be able to assess the full picture. If this shows that you have a hormonal imbalance and that bio-identical hormone therapy is an appropriate treatment for you, a bespoke prescription will be formulated to meet your specific needs.

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Are all the hormones you prescribe natural?   
In the case of the hormones we use, the word ‘natural’ is used to refer to the structure of the hormone molecules, which are produced from natural plant sources. This chemical structure is 100% the same as that of the naturally occurring hormones produced by your glands. This means their effects are more consistent with the normal biochemistry of your body than those of synthetic hormones.

Where do the bioidentical hormones come from?    
Bioidentical hormones are derived from diosgenin, which is sourced from Mexican yams and then converted into human hormones. They need to be prescribed by a doctor and bespoke prescriptions are designed for each individual patient. The treatments are then compounded under strict guidelines by a specialist pharmacy. Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT) is usually administered in the form of creams, lozenges or capsules.

How can I get a copy of Dr Gluck’s book ‘It Must Be My Hormones’?    
‘It Must Be My Hormones’ is available in paperback from most bookstores and online book retailers, including Amazon. You can also download it as an ebook.


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