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We specialise in treating patients who are experiencing a wide range of hormonal issues, including perimenopause, PMS, postnatal depression, Endometriosis and more. If you are concerned about your hormonal health or experiencing symptoms associated with any of the conditions that we treat, a comprehensive consultation and personalised treatment programme from one of our doctors can provide you with answers and solutions.

Initial consultation – 45 minutes, £260

  • During this appointment, your doctor will spend time taking a comprehensive history and record of your symptoms.
  • You will be advised of any blood tests or further testing which may be required.
  • Bloods may be taken during your consultation.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about bio-identical hormones, hormones and conditions.
  • If you have not done so already, you will be advised to book your next follow up appointments.

Nutritional Consultation (optional) – 1 hour, £100 

  • You can book in to see our resident nutrition expert at any time during your treatment process.
  • During your consultation, a full nutritional and symptomatic history will be taken.
  • You will be advised of any testing needed to build your personalised nutritional plan.
  • After your appointment, you will be provided with a personal plan to address your symptoms, including a plan for your food & supplements.

1 Week Later, first follow-up appointment – 30 minutes at the clinic, £130 OR 15 minutes on the phone, £75

  • This consultation can be done in person or over the phone. Your doctor will advise you on what they think is best.
  • You will receive the results of any blood tests or testing which was carried out at your first consultation.
  • Your doctor will advise you of any medication needed to address any issues identified by your tests and symptoms.
  • Your doctor will write & order your personalised prescription (if required).

3 months later – 30 minutes at the clinic, £130 

  • This consultation will enable your doctor to review your progress with the prescribed medication.
  • Your doctor will make any required adjustments to your medication.
  • You can address any questions you may have about your treatment.
  • Repeat prescriptions will be issued where necessary.

6 months later – 30 minutes at the clinic, £130 

  • This follow-up will feature a full review of progress, taking into account improvement in symptoms and any other relevant changes.
  • Your doctor may advise further tests to better see these changes and decide on your treatment plan going forward.
  • Repeat prescriptions will be issued as necessary.

Ongoing reviews – 30 minutes at the clinic, £130 OR 15 minutes on the phone, £75

  • You will be required to have a review every six months while undergoing treatment.
  • Your doctor will confirm whether these can be carried out over the phone or need to take place at the clinic.
  • These reviews enable your doctor to adapt or change your treatment plan and keep track of your symptoms.
  • Depending on your treatment or condition, further tests may be advised at these appointments.

Blood tests  

During your treatment at the clinic, your doctor may require a number of tests. These enable them to gain a full picture of your health and hormones, and the results will influence your personalised treatment plan.

  • Thyroid profile from £90
  • Biochemistry profile from £300
  • Male or female hormone profile from £295
  • Food Inflammation Test, £300
  • Pelvic Ultrasound, £170

Your doctor may also advise other tests, such as a mammogram, depending on your symptoms and test results. We work with a number of trusted partners who are able to provide these tests and you will be advised of these when necessary.

Documents & Emergencies

During your treatment programme, there may be times you require information or contact with the clinic.

  • Repeat prescription without an appointment  £25
  • Obtaining patient records £30 (Please allow 30 days from request.)
  • Letter/ Medical report £30-£50
  • Five minute emergency phone call  £25

Please note the Marion Gluck Clinic does not accept cash, cheques or bank transfers. We accept all major credit cards including AMEX.


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