The Marion Gluck Clinic

Price List


Initial Consultation (45 minutes)  £260

Follow up consultation (30 minutes)  £130

Follow up consultation (15 minutes)  £75


Men’s Consulation (Dr Lewis)

Initial Consultation (1 hour)  £320

Follow up appointment (30 minutes)  £130



Initial consultation (1 hour)  £300

Follow-up consultation (30 minutes)  £150

Blood tests with immunologist  £280


Blood tests  

Range between £86-£600

Thyroid profile from £86

Biochemistry profile from £288

Male or female hormone profile from £288



Repeat prescription without an appointment  £25
Obtaining patient records admin charge  £30 (Please allow 30 days from request.)
Five minute emergency phone call  £25


Please note the Marion Gluck Clinic does not accept cash, cheques or bank transfers. We accept all major credit cards including AMEX.

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