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Reproductive Health

Fertility Consultation

Hormones play a key role in conception and maintaining a pregnancy. We can help you to prepare your body for a successful pregnancy or for IVF treatment by ensuring that your hormones are balanced, you are taking the right supplements and by giving you dietary and lifestyle advice.

Reproductive Health Assessment

The Marion Gluck Clinic provides a one stop Reproductive Health Assessment, designed to give women insight into their current fertility potential.  This includes a comprehensive history and a detailed gynaecological ultrasound scan focused on fertility. We will then be able to estimate your egg reserve, assess the health of the female reproductive organs and exclude any pathology.  The results will then be discussed with you and at the same time we can also advise you regarding fertility preservation by freezing your eggs and guide you for this process if you are interested. Where appropriate, we will also look at blood levels of AMH, a hormone that is a marker of your ovarian reserve.

Early Pregnancy Scan

If you are in the early stages of pregnancy (before 12 weeks), we can scan your baby and provide support should you need it.


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