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Treatment Schedule

Treatment Schedule

Patients attending the Marion Gluck Clinic will usually follow the treatment schedule outlined below, although individual needs may dictate variations.

Initial consultation – 45 minutes

Your doctor will spend time taking a comprehensive history and record of your symptoms. Blood tests and other appropriate tests will be organised in order for the doctor to see the ‘full picture’.

1 week later – First follow-up appointment – 15-30 minutes

You will return to the Clinic to review your test results, and, if recommended, receive a personalised plan of prescription medicine devised specifically for you.

4-8 weeks later – Second follow-up appointment – 30 minutes

This consultation at the Clinic will enable your doctor to review your progress with the prescribed medication. Any required adjustments to your medication will be made.

3 months later – 15-30 minutes

Progress will be reviewed and repeat prescriptions will be issued where necessary.

6 months later – 30 minutes

This follow-up will entail a full review of progress, where further tests may be required and prescriptions will be issued as necessary.

Ongoing reviews

You will be required to have a review every six months while undergoing treatment.


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