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Balancing hormones

The Marion Gluck Clinic is a world-leading clinic specialising in hormone balancing for optimal health through bio-identical hormones. The ‘Marion Gluck Method’ is based upon a full understanding of our patients: we gain medical insight from a thorough consultation including lifestyle history and relevant medical tests. Through expertly integrating this information, we create treatment plans to optimise our patients’ health, energy and way of life. Within our clinic, we operate with compassion and integrity so that you receive the best healthcare possible. Ultimately, we aim to do what is right for you, as an individual.

Hormones naturally change as we age, and it is often reduced levels of hormones that manifest as physical symptoms; we find we just don’t feel like our usual self any more. We cannot reverse ageing but we can use hormones to mitigate its effects. Bio-identical hormones restore hormonal balance and health when used as part of a comprehensive approach to wellbeing.

Our promise is to:

  • Listen and understand each patient’s needs
  • Empower patients to make informed choices
  • Provide ongoing, personalised healthcare programmes

The Marion Gluck Clinic is personalised at every level, from the consultation through to the individualised bio-identical hormone medication that is made specifically to each patient’s needs.

Within our Clinic, we work at all times within the framework provided by our core values, ensuring that you receive the best quality care and service. Treatment at The Marion Gluck Clinic is life-changing for many of our patients.


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