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Dr Marion Gluck

Dr Marion Gluck trained as a medical doctor in Hamburg more than 30 years ago and has worked all over the world as a women’s health specialist. She has been recognised as one of the top private doctors in the world for her pioneering treatment of hormonal imbalances using natural, bio-identical hormones.

While working in Australia 20 years ago, Dr Gluck became aware of the increasing need for hormonal balancing using bio-identical hormone therapy. She came to believe that every person should have both knowledge of, and access to, the benefits of this therapy. She then founded the only UK clinic dedicated to this approach as a cutting edge service that delivers personalised care based on proven science to thousands of patients.

Dr Gluck is passionate about the potential of bio-identical hormones to change the lives of women and men for the better. It is her life’s work to educate people about hormonal imbalance and promote the life-changing effects of bio-identical hormones, aiming never to hear another story of suffering that could have been avoided.

Dr Gluck now takes a leading role in research and development, and in teaching the proven ‘Marion Gluck Method’ to ensure that bio-identical hormones are delivered appropriately according to her core values of practising good medicine and respecting the body and its natural processes.

It’s my personal mission to empower patients through our unique programme of personalised medicine, comprehensive care and education. My team of handpicked expert doctors, all personally trained by me, along with our caring support team, are here to make your pathway to balance an effective and straightforward one, and one that is designed especially for you.”

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