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If I decide to start bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, how long will I be on it for?
The duration of treatment is highly individual and dependent on your personal situation. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your needs in consultation with your doctor.

Will bio-identical hormone replacement therapy help my particular symptoms?
Bio-identical hormones are frequently effective in resolving and reducing symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances.

During your first consultation, there will be a thorough evaluation of your history, symptoms and lifestyle, and a series of tests will be recommended. When the results are available, your doctor will be able to assess the full picture. If this shows that you have a hormonal imbalance and that bio-identical hormone therapy is an appropriate treatment for you, a bespoke prescription will be formulated to meet your specific needs.

For more information on symptoms and conditions that we treat click here

Are all the hormones you prescribe natural?   
In the case of the hormones we use, the word ‘natural’ is used to refer to the structure of the hormone molecules, which are produced from natural plant sources. This chemical structure is 100% the same as that of the naturally occurring hormones produced by your glands. This means their effects are more consistent with the normal biochemistry of your body than those of synthetic hormones.

Where do the bio-identical hormones come from?    
Bio-identical hormones are derived from diosgenin, which is sourced from Mexican yams and then converted into human hormones. They need to be prescribed by a doctor and bespoke prescriptions are designed for each individual patient. The treatments are then compounded under strict guidelines by a specialist pharmacy. Bio-identical hormone therapy (BHRT) is usually administered in the form of creams, lozenges or capsules.

How can I get a copy of Dr Gluck’s book ‘It Must Be My Hormones’?    
‘It Must Be My Hormones’ is available in paperback from most bookstores and online book retailers, including Amazon. You can also download it as an ebook.

What other conditions do you treat?     
The Marion Gluck Clinic specialises in the treatment of hormonal imbalances in women and men. For a full list of what we treat, please click here

Can you improve my fertility?    
There are many cases where hormonal adjustments can improve fertility.

Do you see male patients?    
Yes all the doctors at the Marion Gluck Clinic see male patients. Men also suffer from hormonal deficiencies, mood swings, osteoporosis and andropause.


How do I make an appointment?    
Please call the Marion Gluck Clinic on +44 (0) 20 7402 2151 and speak with our receptionist.

How long will it take to get an appointment?    
You can make an appointment with any of our doctors at the Marion Gluck Clinic. All are specialists in hormonal balancing and have been trained in the Marion Gluck Way by Dr Marion Gluck herself. You can usually get an appointment within two weeks; however, during busy periods our doctors can get booked up 2-3 months in advance. We recommend that you do not delay calling once you know you may need help with hormonal imbalance.

If, following the first consultation, treatment is recommended, we advise that you book the follow-up appointments that will be part of your treatment plan for the next 12 months. Appointments can always be rescheduled providing at least 2 working days’ notice is given. Working days are Monday to Friday.

How many appointments will I need?    
This really depends on the specifics of your case. Please click here to see an example treatment schedule.


I live overseas. Do you do telephone or Skype consultations?
Yes, the Marion Gluck Clinic does both and either can be booked through our receptionist. You will be required to call the Clinic at the time of your appointment and payment will be taken with credit card prior to the consultation.

What is the cost of the consultation?
Please see the price list here

How often will I need to see the doctor?
Please see our treatment schedule here for guidance.

Can you provide me with initial advice before I have my consultation?
It is imperative that we see you in the Clinic first, before we are able to offer advice. Careful consultation and appropriate testing enables us to make a considered diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

Can I have a chaperone present during my consultation?
If you would like to have a chaperone present in your consultation please inform reception prior to your appointment and this will be arranged for you.

Can I communicate with my doctor in between consultations?
Yes, the Marion Gluck Clinic offers a telephone call back service for patients who have questions in between their consultations. This phone call lasts for 5 minutes and costs £25, your doctor will call you back within 24 hours of you scheduling in the service. The Marion Gluck Clinic does not offer any medical advice over email due to confidentiality reasons.


What blood tests do I need?
When you first meet with your doctor, you will be advised which blood tests you need to have. The exact tests required will depend on the symptoms that you present with, together with your medical history.

Can I do the blood tests with my GP?
Yes you can though your GP may not be able to offer all the specialist tests we recommend. Please bring printed results along for your consultation.

How much do the blood tests cost?
Please see our price list here.

How often do I have to have blood tests?
Blood tests are usually necessary at the time of your first consultation, or shortly afterwards. Thereafter, Marion Gluck Clinic usually repeats blood tests annually.

When / how do I get blood test results?
Blood test results are given to you during your follow-up appointment, when your treatment schedule is discussed.

Do you do saliva tests?
Saliva tests are used in the appropriate situations.

How do I renew my prescription?    
Please see our Repeat Prescription Policy here

How long is a prescription valid for?    
A prescription is valid for 12 months from its date of issue.

Where do I get my prescription from?     
Your individual prescription will be dispensed by the London Specialist Pharmacy. You will need to call the pharmacy after your consultation to order and pay for your prescription and arrange postal delivery. Please click here for more information.

What is the cost of the medicine?    
Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy prescriptions cost an average of £2-£3 per day, subject to your prescribed medication.


Will my private medical insurance cover my treatment?     
You will need to check with your health insurer to determine your level of cover. The Marion Gluck Clinic is registered as a General Practice rather than a Consultant Specialist. Please note that if you are covered by your insurance, you would need to pay the Marion Gluck Clinic in full and claim this amount from your health insurer.

Are you registered with the General Medical Council (GMC)?    
All the doctors at the Marion Gluck Clinic are registered with the GMC.

Are all the doctors trained in bio-identical hormone therapy?    
Yes all the doctors have been trained in prescribing Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and are continuously participating in further education.

Is the Marion Gluck Clinic registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?
 Yes the Marion Gluck Clinic has been registered by the Care Quality Commission under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. Our certificate Number is  CRT1-561600073.


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